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Sandship Dev Diary 3: Printing Industry & Characters

In Sandship, players will be able to do a lot of customization, which will come at a cost of hard labor. You will be able to make your own guild icons, badges and logos, as well as customize your buildings, and even ground tiles inside them. And we are not just talking about color, this will be a full pixel art control over 15×15 (not a final number) canvas, that can be printed on. How this works?

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Game name and a Teaser!

Last time, we asked people who had signed up for our newsletter for their vote, in helping us decide on the game’s new name.
Although “Sandship” was not an option (intentionally), majority of you either added it as a custom answer or chose an option that included the word sand in it. So… we kind of get what you guys are getting at.
To celebrate we thought about making a parody video with some of our gameplay footage in it. It’s not serious, but more of a teaser of what is to come. Because it’s a parody it does not represent the actual atmosphere of the game.

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