The Underwell: Efficient Printing Booster

December 16, 2020

Hello again! Today we will be talking about the Efficient Printing booster. If you have ever tried your hand at printing, you will undoubtedly know just how much ink it consumes. Enter Efficient Printing booster. It uses the latest metal sprayer lubrication technology to decrease the ink consumption of printers by half of their usual consumption, making it both cheaper and faster to create your designs. It will also save a lot of effort, of not having to import all the inks. We really should maintain those poor printers more carefully.


Honestly, I am not sure how many of you do any serious printing. If you are one of those people who never gave it a serious try, now’s your chance to get in! Halved ink consumption is a big deal considering how expensive printing is normally. Honestly, having a more colorful floor in your factory is a great way to improve the feel of the game.

This is an Epic-tier booster, which means that if you are not interested in printing even after trying it with the booster, fair enough, you won’t be getting it most of the time you craft boosters. Cleverly using the crafter can even allow you to not get them at all, if printing really is not your jam.

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