Blossom Night is Blooming

February 15, 2021


Here are some tips to help you get started on your trip of uncovering the legendary flower of Aya and everything the Blossom Night’s entails. Blossom Night is here for a short time only and will disappear February 19, 11:59PM (UTC) so hurry to participate and gain the secret boosters, lore item and more hidden throughout.

Firstly, let’s head to the shop and purchase your Shifter Factory – this is important because future events will use the same factory.
After purchasing and placing your Shifter Factory on your Sandship – head to the shop and check out the Blossom Night booster that’s also free. Drag and drop the Blossom Night booster on your Shifter Factory and watch it transform to a new shape!


Have your Shifter Factory all set up and no idea how to start with your blossom flowers?

Still in the beginning of the game and have no idea how to make ink, let alone color a Blue Blossom Flower?
Check out our setup below to help you make some unique flowers for your Sandship.


Good luck, Engineers!