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Comic Series Vol 1

Harvey was 44th generation engineer on Aya – one of the most powerful sandships in the history of Noranti One. A marvel of engineering and one of its kind – Aya was a fifty feet tall giant desert ship on tracks, spanning 150 feet long and 80 feet wide.
She was at her smallest yet. Sandships – part machine, part organic – tend to grow during their lifespan. After the departure of the 43rd Engineer, Harvey was chosen by Aya in a split second. Never understanding why – he accepted his role, and they became one.
Since then years have passed, and Aya grew to an astonishing size.

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Happy 2nd Anniversary Deep Town!

Let’s pop the champagne and grab some cake because today we are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Deep Town! We are so excited about this huge milestone and want to say thank you to all our users around the world and our wonderful community that have made us what we are today. We’ve loved watching you being a part of our amazing adventure!

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Expansion 12: Terraforming Change Log

The long-awaited expansion is finally released! Expansion 12 – more aptly named Terraforming is a completely new realm of gameplay. Users can now not only visit asteroids, but head to a completely new camp where the main objective is simple – terraform the planet to sustain plants and animals. How is this possible?

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Sandship Dev Diary 3: Printing Industry & Characters

In Sandship, players will be able to do a lot of customization, which will come at a cost of hard labor. You will be able to make your own guild icons, badges and logos, as well as customize your buildings, and even ground tiles inside them. And we are not just talking about color, this will be a full pixel art control over 15×15 (not a final number) canvas, that can be printed on. How this works?

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Deep Town: What to expect from upcoming expansion

Hello DeepTowners! It’s been quite some time since the last expansion and we know you have been waiting for the release. We just wanted to make the new expansion perfect for you and hope everyone is as excited as we are! We are yet to announce the exact release date (but will release it soon), but before then, let’s set up some expectations and tease of what is to come!

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