The Underwell: Solar Flare Booster

December 4, 2020

Hello again! Today we are going to take a look at ‘Solar Flare’, an Epic-tier booster that is designed to shake up the gameplay and give some more purpose to an underused device. Solar Flare is one of those things that is not necessarily meant to be an improvement, but rather to introduce new challenges and to provide a more varied experience. It sits firmly in the “bad, but fun” category.

Solar Flare removes the need for heating up materials. It sets the ambient temperature of a factory to 25° for 12 hours, a bit above the white-hot heating point of many materials. You can squeeze much more production into a confined space with this booster – just think of the possibilities if you combine [Tri-laxian Steel Composite] with Solar Flare without having to use any factory floor space for heaters or heat guns! 


This also improves the usability of the Ice Gun, which is often neglected in most builds. When the materials are always tending towards the ambient temperature of 25°, you have to get creative with your space management. Along your production lines, you usually have to actively heat materials far more often than you need to actively cool them. This means that using this booster won’t simply mean you’ll be replacing heat guns with ice guns in a 1 to 1 ratio, it’ll actually result in you gaining some of that precious floor space. 


Solar Flare flips one of Sandship’s core game mechanics on its head. We hope you find this hot booster cool and are already thinking of creative ways to utilise it it! 

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