The Underwell: Overwell Leak Booster

December 8, 2020

Hello! Today we’re taking a look at another of my favorites – the legendary Overwell Leak!

This bad boi is a tear in the overwell bridge that will cause some additional substance to literally leak from the depths of Noranti without physical harvesting – something you should never try at home, young engineers. Don’t mess up the fabric of space and time more than twice a day. Ever. 



Everyone wants more substance, and harvesters running at full capacity can do 16 per second. This bad boy on the other hand can generate 20 substances per second from absolutely nothing and takes up no extra space whatsoever. Legendary!



We’re not expecting this booster to have effect on any custom setups that are made specifically for it, since it will imply you have to constantly keep a large supply of these boosters, and given it’s rarity it’s probably not really possible to make a lot of them. Unless you have a lot of patience and are blessed by RNGsus.


I highly suggest keeping a few Overwell Leaks in store for when you just need to make something simple and quick. That would be a simple setup where it’s efficient but substance is still a bottleneck. Say, for example, if your main raw resource generators are kept in a separate factory, it’d be easy to give them a big boost and gather a ton of raw materials.


All in all this one is a simple to use no-brainer booster that does not require any special setups and can just save you some time on that everyday substance struggle. What do you guys think? If there are any setups that you think this could be a good booster for (say something that can be made into crazy substance sucker with just one device rotation, let us know and share some ideas!)


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