Sandship 0.60 – The Underwell

November 30, 2020


Loyal Engineers! We are revving up to start releasing Sandship 0.6.0, The Underwell Update. For those of you who have reached the underwell building (according to our statistics, most of you), you may be thinking what do you mean? The Underwell exists already, doesn’t it? You see, when we released the game, the underwell pit was not meant to be so boring. After releasing a few updates for content and bug fixes, we realized it’s past time to do something about the pit and make it what we meant for it to be from the start.


  • What does this mean?


We took our time (literally and figuratively) going back over our documents and seeing what we wanted the underwell to be. Only one enemy? No strategy? No change? That’s definitely not fun, or interesting, or anything like what you deserve. How do more drifter types, new, evolving challenges and new upgradable weapons sound? 


  • What about all that Everstone we’ve been earning?

Boosters? Yes, over 20 of them! You’d be using your everstone (from your new underwell pits) and artifacts to craft new boosters to help you manage your Sandship’s factories. Speed up, slow down, improve production, and so much more. 


Hold on tight, because over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring sneak peeks of content you can expect to see in the update, such as boosters, underwell content and quality of life improvements that everyone has been waiting for.

Make sure to follow along and let us know what you think!