Quality of Life – Part Eight

November 6, 2018

Hello Deep Towners,

Pumpkin Madness may be over, but the changes within the game is nowhere near the end. This update features some big changes to the Nuclear Plant and Uranium Enrichment buildings – based on the feedback that we received from the users.

  • The uranium rod recipes have changed – to make it easier than ever to make those rods 
  • An increase in amount of electricity and more time slots for how long to use electricity for (30m, 2h, 6h, 12h)
  • The increase in amount of electricity also includes a reduced amount of rods needed to turn on the Nuclear Plant and with each upgrade the amount of uranium rods lessen – better for you!

Other changes include a fix to an offline water collector issue users were facing and some routine fixes to ensure that the game is working to its full potential.