Expansion 12: Terraforming Change Log

March 15, 2019

Deep Towners,


The long-awaited expansion is finally released! Expansion 12 – more aptly named Terraforming is a completely new realm of gameplay. Users can now not only visit asteroids, but head to a completely new camp where the main objective is simple – terraform the planet to sustain plants and animals. How is this possible?

Minkowski has left us messages in the beacon to head to our new camp where the main objective is to help the planet become habitable and watch how your main camp changes as a result. Prepare to help our planet flourish by fixing the atmosphere, creating an ozone layer, oceans, flora and fauna. A new planetary view allows you to see the progress you make show directly on how it affects the planet and watch that directly affect your main camp!


  • 6 NEW buildings
  • Asteroid Group C
  • New asteroid tech
  • Water block on asteroids
  • Level cap has been increased to 460!
  • New sounds
  • Finish Now buttons for the new buildings!

Make sure to finish the asteroid quests to be able to continue with the new area added.


  • Asteroid Group C
    • Upgrade your observatory building to visit Group-C Asteroids (but only when it is time) and receive special items that will help you with terraforming. This means you need to start crafting new rocket types!
  • New plot progression
    • Help transform the planet by terraforming; complete the quests in order to help Earth flourish – and watch as your buildings feel the changes!
  • New Asteroid techs
    • Ultra Freeze
  • New items
    • Nitrogenium Tank
    • Corona Discharge Tube
    • Aluminium Tank
    • Chlorine
    • Zeolit
    • Mirror
    • Mirror Laser
    • Gas Cylinder
    • Oxygen Cylinder
    • LCD Monitor
    • Flora Defender
    • Seawater
    • Pine Seed
    • Pine Tree
    • Primordial Soup
    • Sapphire Crystal Glass
    • Rocket C