Expansion 11: What’s New & Detailed Overview

July 13, 2018

It’s been quite some time since last expansion. And you’ve been a busy ai, minding it’s own business and crafting things around.  Since master miner was gone there was no mining going on really, given iron elder is just going to sit there forever…

But things are changing today!

The era of asteroid mining is here! Guided by non other then the Minkowski himself you’ll visit nine very special asteroids to learn the secrets and history of Elders!

Please note, to start playing this content you need to lunch the Rocket first and finish expansion 10.


What’s new!

  • Beacon now can transmit and hold messages from the center of galaxy
  • New observatory building unlocked
  • 5200 unexplored asteroids are waiting to be probed and explored!
  • 3 types of asteroids – basic, epic and legendary
  • New asteroid tech building for 4 different types of blocks
  • New asteroid mining building that mines at incredible speeds
  • More ways to make water! Mine asteroid ice from asteroids and melt it in smelting building!
  • Level cap has been increased to 435!


When you’re done with the story the expansion is far from other, as Asteroid HUNT is in full swing. There are three types of asteroids: basic, epic and legendary!

Amongst the thousands we’ve hidden some very special ones that may contains anything!

Asteroid made of gold? Asteroid fully made from diamonds? An ice globe? Easter eggs? we’ve got it all! Not only that but, we will remember every single person (as long as you are signed in online) who was first to visit an asteroid to share the glory!


Detailed Feature overview

  • Alien tech lab
    • The regular tech lab on earth wouldn’t work in space, would it? The Asteroids have their own alien tech lab that must be used on 4 different types of special blocks to defeat them!
  • New Asteroid areas
    • Using the observatory building, Deep Towners can now observe and visit an asteroid to unlock a whole new area to explore. Each asteroid has its own item(s) that could be mined. Make sure to keep trying different codes as there are legendary asteroids with surprising resources (for example as 100% rubber). Find them and share the codes with your friends! The new asteroids also include ice which could be smelted to make water for your greenhouses on Earth.
  • Visit Count
    • A feature added to the asteroids allows you to see what number Deep Towner you are that has visited said asteroid.

Try and be the first to visit a new asteroid!

  • New plot progression
    • Asteroid quests allow you to mine on asteroids where you can collect new resources (and some resources that previously were only found on Earth, such as water!) Collection of resources works a bit differently on an asteroid – each area has a cap number of resources that are able to be collected and you must do all the work of claiming them! Even when you finish your quests – continue probing and visiting to find those legendary asteroids!


  • New techs
    • Napalm
    • Spark
    • Charge Drain


  • New items
    • Lutetium ore
    • Lutetium
    • Lutetium bar
    • Research beam
    • NaCl
    • Hydrochloric acid
    • Chipset
    • Rocket A
    • Rocket B
    • asteroid ice
    • Stones of Ancients