Deep Town: What to expect from upcoming expansion

March 1, 2019


Hello DeepTowners! It’s been quite some time since the last expansion and we know you have been waiting for the release. We just wanted to make the new expansion perfect for you and hope everyone is as excited as we are! We are yet to announce the exact release date (but will release it soon), but before then, let’s set up some expectations and tease of what is to come!

Of course, as you probably already guessed it from our themed “Cliff’s Adventure” posts, this is going to be about Terraforming!

Our bots are still stuck on a desert, dusty Earth with Master Miner in the company of the unbeatable iron elder.

The expansion kicks off with another message from Minkowski, which will guide us on the quest of making the earth green again! So what to expect?

Terraforming is a huge task to undertake. First off, a new location ON earth is unlocked for a secondary camp, where you can build all the fancy terraforming buildings and make them work for your advantage. Not only that, but a new Planetary View will be unlocked as well so you can see the effects of terraforming on the planetary scale! There will be bunch of tasks to accomplish, things like fixing the atmosphere, ozone layer, oceans, flora and fauna. All interdependent to each other, adding to the challenge.

While on your journey you will also visit a completely new asteroid group, and some special ones where blocks to mine are… well, water. How do you drill into water anyway?

Not only that but we are going to see one of our characters to return!

But pictures do speak louder than words, so take a look at these three amazing screenshots in order to get a better perspective of what’s to come.

Last, but not least, there is something to NOT expect from this expansion. It’s the death of Iron Elder. We are not saying goodbye just yet, as Iron Elder is a matter for the next expansion. But worry not, he will feel awkward that earth is changing. It’s something, right?

We are super excited and look forward to telling you more about the Terraforming Expansion! Expect the release date announcement soon, and let us know what you think on our social media (or discuss it with your guild friends)!

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