Quality of Life – Part Seven

October 10, 2018

Hello Deeptowners,

We’re live with some more changes (iOS users the live version will be released with a day or two delay).

1) Guild donations and chat messages are now separated – so you no longer have to go through the clutter of messages to find the donations (extra: the number of messages that are remembered in the history was also increased).

2) The user and guild admins now receive a pirate notice dialogue within the game as to who and why they were marked. No more wondering as to why you or a user in your guild were marked.

3) Roughly a month ago we announced some changes that would be taking place in the trading portal (click here for blog post). We’re live with the recalculation of times and sell prices. Could you figure out the new formula?

Other changes include a crash fix on toxic bomb spell and minor bug fixes.

For our iOS users, thanks for being patient in waiting for your next update!

Stay tuned – there are still some more changes (and an exciting announcement)!