Quality of Life Changes

July 25, 2018

The long-awaited Expansion 11 is finally live. Now our developers can focus on another portion of the game – quality of life.

What does quality of life mean? Bug fixes and performance fixes within the game that better the overall gameplay. An example of a quality of life change is changing the slider within the game (that notes how many seeds to purchase or items to request) to another system that is more specific in numbers). 😉 There are countless other examples as well.

Many of these QoL enhancements are direct input from you, the Community. We’ve been hearing your input, reading your posts, and want you to know we value your feedback!

The changes will not be done overnight and we’re expecting updates to roll out continuously in batches – so you won’t have to wait until we’re done with all the changes to see them. With each release, we’ll post what changes to expect. This is after months of compiling, comparing, and consolidating all the different suggestions we’ve received.

Thanks for your patience!