August 7, 2018

Hello Deeptowners,

We’re already live with the second of our Quality of Life updates and we’re sure a few of these changes are going to put a smile on your face. We’re not finished yet – so stay tuned for more updates!

Change Log

What’s New
Deep Town


  • Input option for guild requests/donations

The long-awaited feature that everyone has asked for: an option to INPUT the number instead of using the slider.

  • Cosmetic changes were made in the guild flag selection screen to fix flags not fitting fully in the screen!


  • Graphical Issue Fix – Users reported opening and closing the settings menu multiple times quickly caused for the game User Interface to vanish and only a force close fixed the issue.
  • Iron Elder scan Crash Fix – when scanning Iron Elder, moving camera up and then pressing Launch caused a crash.


  • New non-story specific quests added to the asteroid expansion to give users new challenges and ways of gaining crystals!
  • Asteroids are now color-coded by their category!
    When searching for an asteroid in the Observatory Building, the screen is changed to reflect the asteroid category: green for Epic and purple for Legendary.
  • Legendary asteroids now have a different sky to help users differentiate between the different categories.
  • Cosmetic graphical changes to special asteroid underground view because we all know that they’re different, so they should differentiate from the other asteroids.

Thanks for checking in and bookmark our website for more updates coming soon!