Quality of Life Changes – Part Four

September 4, 2018

Hello Deeptowners,

Another week, another QoL update! This weeks update features changes for users from all levels of gameplay.

  • Coal Elder Balance – The requirements to defeat the coal elder have been rebalanced to help users proceed through gameplay.
  • Dust – When destroying a rare to dust, the graphic would stay on an the inactive rare (even if none remained and all of that rare item was just dusted). Now, it automatically moves to the next active rate item to be dusted.
  • Coin Cages on Asteroids – The coin cages on asteroids have been refigured so a user can claim with a limit of once per day.
  • Observatory unlocking – A lot of users have faced the issue where they launched the rocket, waited the two hours but their observatory was not unlocked. We’ve fixed this issue!
  • And for those users who opened support tickets, mentioned it to us on different social media platforms, we’ve fixed the issue with water offline collection!


Sneak peak of the next QoL update

  • The trading portal is a bit unbalanced in terms of both the peak time of selling being at 5:45 IN THE MORNING and in terms of items values within the portal. We’ve reworked the formulas in terms of peak hours to sell (which will fluctuate) and in terms of the value of items that could be sold. We all know Mayan Calendars have been the best way to make fast money, but that is all about to change next week.  😉


Stay tuned!