QoL Changes: Game Balance

August 21, 2018

Hello Deep Towners,

The past month has been full of activity within our office as we’ve been making some small and some big changes to the game – based on both your feedback and changes that the game designers have suggested. It’s a good practice to generally let you guys now far in advance before changing things though.

We wanted to fix the coin balance a bit, currently the coin economy in the game varies strongly depending on which level player is, sometimes things are too cheap, sometimes too expensive, so we are making the balance curve more smooth. As a result, mid-level players will see a slight increase in the cost of leveling up, but higher-end players will see a dramatic decrease in how much it will cost to level up (with some level ups being a 45% of what it previously cost). In the long-term players will save-up over 13 billion in coins eventually!

This is important for the future of the game, so when we increase the level cap we can be sure that the curve of cost per level is less steep.

This update is scheduled for Monday, so you have time to digest the news.

We’re also working on reevaluating the Shops menu and more changes are coming in the very near future! Like very awesome deals, that you have requested in the past 😉

Stay tuned and follow our social media pages for more updates.