Deep Town: Google Play Login Issues

September 23, 2019

Hello Deep Towners,

In the last few months we’ve seen an increase regarding sign-in issues that users were facing with Google Play login. Our developers were working overtime, enhancing the system and trying to find what was causing it.We now know that the issue is not related to our system, but related to the fact that some email accounts are not connected to the Gmail domain, which is why users weren’t able to login (especially for users using email accounts from Russia, Germany, Poland, and United Kingdom).

Thank you for being patient while our team investigated.

The resolution is to rebrand your account to become changed to the Gmail domain.By going to the following link from any desktop computer, you may opt-in to make your email Gmail domain, which will solve the issue that you are facing with logging in with Google Play:

For further information regarding the issue, please feel free to read the following thread: