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Deep Town – October 18th update discussion from developers

Hey Folks, lead pickaxe designer here at team Rockbite! I wanted to share some thoughts on how far we’ve come with Deep Town and where we’re headed in terms of story! (Also what to expect in October 18th update, which is NOT yet the 10th expansion) It’s been already 7 months since Deep Town was »

Teaser Trailer 2 – new mining mechanic

Self Evolving Von Neumann Probe System

[Quick Disclaimer] I am a game developer, working on an upcoming game, set in distant future. It’s a strategy where you dig deep into the crust to mine resources and construct an underground town of robots lead by self replicating AI. Main idea? Von Neumann Probes! Classic concept usually envisions an advanced civilisation (or even »

Our First Teaser Trailer

Testing Spell System & Shaders