Deep Town: Pumpkin Madness

October 27, 2018

Hello Deep Towners,

We need your help! It seems that our mines have started producing pumpkins and last time we saw this the quests led us to build a mega pumpkin. A MEGA PUMPKIN! And it was great because it had special powers on earth ALL YEAR – it boosted our offline mining by 50%.

It seems that the Pumpkin Madness came back to haunt us again this year, but this time the spirits have added to their haunting.

New locations, new items to jewel craft and use for coins? Even the shops have been revamped and there seems to be an offer for pumpkins? Don’t have the mega pumpkin… you can still craft it this time around, but hurry to make it to the other quests.

The special event isn’t here to stay so start collecting – even if you’ve done the mega pumpkin there are treats hidden within the game for you! HINT- check out the mega pumpkin.