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Change Log

Deep Towners… you must be thinking another update? We’re constantly working around the clock to make the game better. Our last update included fixes for translations, crashes, Quest text correction, and most importantly Red Laser and Cyrogenic Freeze fixes.

This update is different though. As expansion 11 was released for quite some time now, we think it’s fair to nerf previous one and give more people chance to play with expansion 11!

After all expansion 10 was a REAL GRIND, and we know it. So with this update we are making bunch of changes to expansion 10 quests and recipes to address that.

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Expansion 11: What’s New & Detailed Overview

It’s been quite some time since last expansion. And you’ve been a busy ai, minding it’s own business and crafting things around.  Since master miner was gone there was no mining going on really, given iron elder is just going to sit there forever…

But things are changing today!

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The Next Expansion Is Coming!

We’ve all heard the mumblings, rumblings, and whispers of a new expansion coming to Deep Town… and it may have taken a bit longer than usual, but we just wanted to make it perfect for you. It is with great excitement (and relief) that the HIGHLY anticipated Expansion 11 will be released…

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Happy One Year Anniversary, Deep Town!

Exactly one year ago, on March 15th, Deep Town was released to App Stores around the world. With that one step we began a new journey that has been life-changing for us here at Rockbite Games. We can’t believe that we recently released Expansion 10, but we have a feeling that this is just the beginning of our adventure together.

Thank you for being with us on this rollercoaster ride.
Thank you for bearing through some errors.

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Deep Town – October 18th update discussion from developers

It’s been already 7 months since Deep Town was first released, and we had an amazing community of players to play it from day zero. If you are with us for quite some time, then you’ve probably been through everything! From Awkward tentacles of Coal Elder to Hot Depths of Magma Guardian made of obsidian.

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