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We’re live with part three of our Quality of Life changes for Deep Town. A few days ago we posted about game balance changes with the level up tech coin prices to let our users know about some of the game balance changes to expect with the updated game version (which is live NOW)!

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QoL Changes: Game Balance

The past month has been full of activity within our office as we’ve been making some small and some big changes to the game – based on both your feedback and changes that the game designers have suggested. It’s a good practice to generally let you guys now far in advance before changing things though.

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We’re already live with the second of our Quality of Life updates and we’re sure a few of these changes are going to put a smile on your face. We’re not finished yet – so stay tuned for more updates!

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Quality of Life Changes – Part One

Hello Deep Towners,
We’re going live with our first QoL update and it may seem like there are a lot that are fixes for issues users reported. Fear not, as there are still going to be a lot of different changes that are going to take place over the next month.

What are the changes?

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Quality of Life Changes

The long-awaited Expansion 11 is finally live. Now our developers can focus on another portion of the game – quality of life.

What does quality of life mean? Bug fixes and performance fixes within the game that better the overall gameplay. An example of a quality of life change is changing the slider within the game (that notes how many seeds to purchase or items to request) to another system that is more specific in numbers). 😉 There are countless other examples as well.

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