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Expansion 12: Terraforming Change Log

The long-awaited expansion is finally released! Expansion 12 – more aptly named Terraforming is a completely new realm of gameplay. Users can now not only visit asteroids, but head to a completely new camp where the main objective is simple – terraform the planet to sustain plants and animals. How is this possible?

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Quality of Life – Part Eight

Pumpkin Madness may be over, but the changes within the game is nowhere near the end. This update features some big changes to the Nuclear Plant and Uranium Enrichment buildings – based on the feedback that we received from the users.

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Deep Town: Pumpkin Madness

We need your help! It seems that our mines have started producing pumpkins and last time we saw this the quests led us to build a mega pumpkin. A MEGA PUMPKIN! And it was great because it had special powers on earth ALL YEAR – it boosted our offline mining by 50%.

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Announcement – Pirate Bans

Hello Deeptowners, As many of you may have realized, within the last 24 hours a lot of our faithful players were marked as pirates due to an error on our part. For some users, our system has not marked the reason as to why they were marked and in order to be fair, we are reverting those bans that do not have a reason listed. Thank you for being  patient as we reverse those bans – the revert of the bans will happen within the next few hours.

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